Navigating Through: An Insightful Overview of Roundabouts – Last Week’s Webinar Recap!


Roundabouts can be quite tricky for new drivers, but with the right guidance, they become a breeze! Last week, we at Best Driving School London, delved into the nitty-gritty of navigating roundabouts in our weekly live webinar, “Driving Test Tips”. For those who missed it, we’ve got you covered – read on for a quick recap, and watch the full video here on our YouTube channel!

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

  1. Understanding Roundabouts: We began with a few of the main points you need to remember about roundabouts. Do you know the 3 classifications of roundabouts and do you know how each one are classified at?
  2. Approaching & Entering Roundabouts: A critical aspect we covered was how to approach and enter a roundabout. We emphasized the importance of reducing speed, observing signage, and positioning your vehicle correctly.
  3. Signalling: Proper signalling is crucial! We discussed how to signal correctly when exiting the roundabout, ensuring safe navigation and clear communication with other road users. We even had a head scratcher of a question about signalling that no one was able to answer.

In-depth Learning with BDSL Online

While the webinar provided a comprehensive overview, we have more in-depth videos on navigating roundabouts and various other driving test topics available on our Driving Test Preparation Videos. If you have booked any of our services, you gain free membership access! For others, you can sign up and avail of the membership to access a wealth of knowledge that will get you test-ready in no time.

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Roundabouts are an essential part of driving in London, and mastering them is crucial for passing your driving test. At Best Driving School London, we are committed to providing top-notch guidance to ensure you become a safe and confident driver. Don’t forget to check out the recap video and join us in the upcoming webinars for more invaluable driving test tips!

Stay safe and happy driving!

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